Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Hounslow area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

“The most important criteria why I chose NiceDrive was being recommended by friends who had also passed with Seamus. I also already knew I was with a great instructor having had lessons with someone else previously. Seamus’ methods proved more useful.

I found learning to drive to be a lot more difficult for me, but Seamus has a lot of patience. Seamus had brilliant teaching methods and was firm but very fair. He was understanding and helped me a lot on my weaker points.

I would definitely recommend Seamus as he is a great instructor.
Thank you Seamus so so much. I got my license in the post the other day. Will book soon for the Pass Plus.”

Laura Paul, Hounslow

“I chose NiceDrive because of a recommendation from a friend. I also wanted to learn with someone who was experienced and
had a good reputation.

I found learning to drive to be more difficult than I expected. I’m still learning! My Driving Instructor Seamus McEvoy had very good teaching methods and he was very patient with me.

I am happy to recommend the school to others as I was happy with the quality of the service and flexibility of the lessons.”

Jonathan Walter, Isleworth, Hounslow

“I chose NiceDrive because I wanted trustworthiness, a Driving Instructor who’d be punctual, supportive and well versed in driving laws etc.

I found learning to drive to be harder than I thought at first, but it got easier as we progressed. My Driving Instructor Seamus McEvoy had easy to understand teaching methods that were clear and stuck in my head.

I would recommend Seamus to others as he teaches you to a higher standard than the test so it will be easy for you to pass.

I have tried to think of something that could have been improved but I honestly couldn’t lol!”

Bilal Saiyed, Hounslow

Congratulations to Miss Isha Parmar of Hounslow who passed her practical driving test 1st time August 7th.

Well done Isha! I’m now teaching one of her neighbours on her recommendation. That’s two pupils on the same road that have changed instructors to learn with Nicedrive in the last few months.

Best wishes from your driving instructor Seamus McEvoy and all the team here at NiceDrive.

Congratulations to Josley Gomez of Hounslow who passed his practical driving test at the Yeading Test Centre on the 22nd of November.

It was the first NiceDrive test in that test centre so Josley was a pioneer.

He now has the freedom of the roads and the journey to work will be much
easier than the current route by bus.

I am currently teaching his brother Fyzel who also lives in Hounslow.

Best wishes from your driving instructor Seamus McEvoy and all the team here at NiceDrive.

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