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The vast majority of learner drivers THINK! that ALL Driving Instructors or Driving Lessons are the same! Offer Details

This can be a very costly misconception that often leads to hours of frustration and countless wasted £££££. Almost all Driving Schools / Driving Instructors will tell you they offer quality driving tuition but how many can prove it?

We make extensive use of customer reviews to give an unbiased view of our service and tuition but I am keen to go one step further and offer you an insight into our “Try Us and See Deal”.

I am so confident in the abilities of my team of Driving Instructors to deliver both service and quality tuition that if you are prepared to “Trust Us” with ten hours of your tuition, I will give you a massive discount to quite simply “Try Us and See”.

Our core lesson price is £35.00 per hour. We do not attempt to compete with “cheap” lessons but  compete with customer success. You will benefit from the skill and dedication of your allocated instructor and should you not be COMPLETELY satisfied with either the service or tuition, I will personally action a FULL and unconditional refund.

What else can I do to convince you, we really are your best choice in the local area?


Who Will You Trust With Your Tuition?


Seamus McEvoy – School Owner

“I always wanted a Driving Instructor to be punctual, arrive in a clean well maintained car & prepare a lesson plan. however my Instructor came up the same way as I thought, he is an amazing, hardworking Instructor. I got the contact number from a friend who had a good experience. My instructors teaching methods were really good. He is always ready to push us towards our goal. He always used effective techniques to make me understand well. I will recommend the School to others because Nicedrive provides support from the first day until the end. The instructor arrives promptly, behaves responsibly & fairly. I think everything is excellent. I am extremely happy with Nicedrive driving school.”

Customer Reviews Hounslow – Manju Rana

Customer Reviews Hounslow - Manju Rana

Customer Reviews Hounslow – Manju Rana

** The Try Us and See Deal is designed for relative beginners to driving and will be offered at the discretion of the customer services staff**


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